GC Packed Column

GC Columns are designed and manufactured to offer quality and reproducibility, from the most benign to the most difficult types of samples. With the lowest bleed levels, the best inertness for acids/bases/mixed functional compounds, and the tightest column-to-column reproducibility, Hemochrom GC columns are of higher quality and perform better than any other columns on the market. Hemochrom offers both capillary and packed columns to suit your needs.


  • UltiMetal treated stainless steel tubing promotes sharp peaks with less peak tailing for improved data accuracy
  • High-efficiency packing ensures excellent reproducibility in pressure drop, flow characteristics, and separation performance resulting in less system readjustment after column installation
  • Select from a range of tubing materials – including stainless steel, UltiMetal, nickel, glass, copper and Teflon – plus hundreds of stationary phases, packings, and supports …or you can create your own custom configurations
  • Column configurations are available for all major GC brands, past and present, for worry-free compatibility