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From research to routine QA/QC, there is a ZORBAX HPLC column that offers an optimized solution for your specific measurement and purification application. Agilent’s ZORBAX columns are optimized for high throughput analysis with the widest range of Rapid Resolution HT (1.8 µm) and Rapid Resolution (3.5 µm) columns. There are choices ideal for proteomics separations, or for scaling up to purify compounds, as well as over 800 choices for analytical applications covering the broadest range of applications and conditions. Visit our LC Custom Column Shop page to learn more about custom columns.



  • Poroshell 120
  • ZORBAX Eclipse Plus
  • ZORBAX Extend-C18
  • ZORBAX Eclipse XDB
  • ZORBAX Bonus-RP
  • ZORBAX StableBond 80Å
  • Pursuit XRs Ultra
  • Pursuit XRs
  • Pursuit UPS
  • Pursuit
  • Polaris