eXtended Performance (XP) 2.5 µm Columns
XP columns bridge the gap between HPLC, UHPLC and UPLC technology platforms while enabling exceptional separation performance, robustness and throughput.
XSelect Columns
The proprietary Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH) Technology that powers XSelect columns redefines the selectivity map for method developers and offers the highest performance for basic compounds in the acidic, low ionic strength mobile phases commonly used in LC/MS laboratories.
XBridge Columns
With an order-of-magnitude improvement in high pH stability and a higher level of chromatographic performance, Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) columns define the new benchmark for LC method development with excellent stability over a wide pH range (1-12).
Atlantis Columns
The industry standard for polar compound retention for reversed-phase and HILIC separations.
SunFire Columns
State-of-the-art reversed-phase Silica C18 and C8 HPLC columns, SunFire columns provide best peak shape for basic compounds, excellent low pH stability, high efficiency, and greater mass loading capacity.
Symmetry Columns
Sets the standard for reproducibility for HPLC drug assays, giving you confidence in the long term compliance of your HPLC methods.
XTerra Columns
Based on the first generation of Hybrid Particle technology, these columns deliver sharp symmetrical peaks for basic compounds over a mobile phase pH range of 2-12.
YMC Columns – Important Notification – Please Read
PST (Peptide Separation Technology) Columns
Unique family of columns that meet the demanding requirements of peptide separations, from proteomics and peptide mapping to isolation.
PrST (Protein Separation Technology) Columns
Wide selection of HPLC columns for protein isolation and characterization that ensure high-quality, reproducible separations.
OST (Oligonucleotide Separation Technology) Columns
Innovative columns and sample preparation products for the isolation and analysis of single-stranded DNA, RNA or “hybrid” synthetic oligonucleotides.
AAA (Amino Acid Analysis) Columns
Proven pre-column derivatization chemistries for Amino Acid Analysis with HPLC-based AccQ•Tag and Pico•Tag columns.
Other Analytical Columns
Additional products in our column portfolio include: Spherisorb, µBondapal/Bondapak, Nova-Pak, Resolve, PAH, µPorasil/Porasil, RSPak, column accessories, application-specific columns and products, and bioseparation columns.