Capillary Column Hardware

DuraCap™ Systems

Brand: Isolation Technologies

DuraCap™ capillary columns blend unmatched packing stability, strength, and performance in one convenient platform. These durable column systems eliminate bending, breaking, and bed disruption during the packing process and operation. DuraCap end fittings are made from stainless steel and engage with the threaded protective outer shell of the capillary column. The end fitting engages the threads and captures the frit cap to create a secure, near-zero-dead-volume connection.

Mechanically Rugged Capillaries
DuraCap columns derive their ruggedness from Isolation Technologies’ column encapsulation process that mounts high performance 316 stainless capillary inside a reinforced column casing. This design allows the columns to deliver the performance of a stainless steel capillary with the strength of conventional larger inner diameter analytical column hardware.

Zero Dead Volume Frits
One challenge in capillary HPLC is how to hold the particles in the capillary tube without adding extracolumn volume. The internal volume of conventional frits may be greater than the total volume in the capillary Rather than relying on a porous, sintered steel frit, the DuraCap frit cap assembly uses a 316 stainless steel woven mesh screen that adds essentially no volume to the column.

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