Modular Column Hardware

Stainless Steel Systems
Brand: Isolation Technologies
Product #: Modular Systems

Isolation Technologies modular HPLC hardware is more user-friendly than ordinary compression style hardware. With modular hardware, there is no need to apply precise torque to get the ferrule to grip the tube. The high pressure seal is instead formed by the threads on the tube and end fitting.
There is also no problem of the frit not seating in the end fitting. The frit is contained in a cap that slides over the column forming a leak and gap-free seal. Modular hardware also eliminates safety concerns when packing at high pressures.

Iso-Bore™ Surface Finish
All stainless steel modular columns use the exclusive Iso-Bore internal surface finish. This unique internal surface finish reduces drag at the column wall and improves column efficiency and performance by providing an extremely smooth, flat and clean surface. Twice as smooth (as measured by Ra, roughness average) as conventional tubing finishes, Iso-Bore grade columns are particularly recommended for packing materials of 3 and 5 micron (and smaller) and columns with small internal diameters (