Preparative Column Hardware

Iso-Prep™ Systems
Brand: Isolation Technologies
Product #: Iso-Prep™ Column Hardware

Efficient, Reliable Design
IsoPrep is the most widely recognized preparative hardware for SFC and HPLC. The 21.2-mm and 30-mm columns use the modular (threaded) end fitting design, while the patented 50-mm design incorporates a sealing cap configuration secured at six points with hardened stainless steel bolts. IsoPrep™ columns withstand packing pressures up to 16,000 psi, greatly enhancing the stability and lifetime of the packed column.

Advanced Sample Dispersion
Properly dispersing the sample across the entire cross section of prep columns is critical to ensure maximum loading and lifetime. This is a significant challenge considering that a 50-mm ID column with inlet tubing of 0.040″ ID is focused on less than 1% of the cross-sectional surface area. In addition to lost capacity, lack of dispersion leads to premature column fouling because particulates and irreversibly bound sample are concentrated on these same small areas of the frit and column head. To provide optimum dispersion, Isolation Technolgies machines flow dispersion patterns into the frit caps. These proven designs allow for maximum loading without sacrificing efficiency and peak shape.