Tosoh Bioscience

Reversed Phase (RP) Chromatography is one of the most frequently used chromatographic modes for analytical separations. Starting in the mid 1970s RPC has become the standard technique to analyze small molecular weight compounds in industrial, academic and governmental laboratories. Applications range from neutral polar and non-polar solutes to acidic, basic, and amphoteric compounds and from small molecular weight compounds to biomolecules. RPC is also an efꂐcient technique for the analysis of derivatized amino acids, peptides, and proteins, although protein structure is not always maintained due to the high concentration of organic solvent required for their elution.

Tosoh  Bioscience  offers  analytical  and  semi  preparative reversed phase (RP) HPLC  columns  packed with silica or polymer based porous or nonporous beads. They are well suited for  a  broad  range  of applications  in R&D,  quality control or reaction monitoring.

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